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Special Notice: To type comments in Tamil, please use this tool from Google that helps in typing tamil using english words http://t13n.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/blet/docs/help_ta.html

You can also use Tamil99 or other tools to type uncode tamil

 Unable to see Tamil?

Quick guide for viewing this site

This site uses Unicode Tamil fonts. To see them displayed correctly, follow the steps below.

"For Windows OS install eKalappai 2.0b (tamilnet99) (எ-கலப்பை)"

For GNU/Linux OS and Firefox browser

  1. Download and install the tamil opentype fonts from sourceforge.
    (You have to restart your desktop environment after font installation(alt+ctrl+backspace))
  2. View the web page in some browsers (such as konqbrowser or Firefox). if you get any problems, try to change your browser's encoding into utf-8.
    Upgrade your Firefox.
  3. If you get any font spacing problems, please make TSCu_paranar.ttf as your browsers default font.
  4. Join Tamillinix yahoo group for support.

For Windows OS and IE browser

  1. Change the view-->Encoding menu in your browser to Unicode (UTF-8) and refresh your page.
  2. If Tamil text is still not displayed, try setting the display font for Tamil in the Tools-->Internet options-->Fonts menu to Latha which is a free Unicode Tamil font that comes with Windows XP .
  3. If you are not using windows XP, then you can download Tamil unicode fonts for free from here and then install in your computer.
  4. Then set the Tools-->Internet options-->Fonts menu to the font you just installed and then Change the view-->Encoding menu in your browser to Unicode (UTF-8) and refresh your page.

Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003 Family

Before Installing UNICODE support

font-help (26K)

This is a sample screen shot show before setting
up UNICODE in Windows 2003 Server

settingup UNICODE

Windows 2000

  • For Widnows 2000
    • Go to Control Panel->Regional Options ->Languages->Indic (tick the indic) and click OK.
300px-In (55K)

This is where we need to setup UNICODE in Windows 2000

Windows XP

  • For Windows XP SP2
    • You may prefer to install Tamil en:Windows Language Interface Pack gives nearly 80% of the operating system in Tamil.
  • For windows XP/2003
    • Go to Control Panel->Regional Settings->Languages->Install support for complex scripts including Thai (Figure below)
300px-Re (20K)

This is where we need to setup UNICODE in Windows XP/2003
  • Click Apply/OK (Figure Below)

500px-In (13K)

Just click OK

  • You will require the Windows 2000/XP/2003 CD Depending on your OS.
  • Note that any cd (I mean the same OS CD) will do the trick there is no need to have the same that used to install the os.

180px-Ch (3K)
Restart your computer once you save all your opened files

  • Reboot


Out of the Box support for viewing pages in Tamil thanks to the Arial Unicode MS font.


Besides the Arial Unicode MS font, Windows XP also comes with Latha which gets installed if you follow the steps detailed in the next section (Input).


Selecting the Input method

Thamizha e-kalappai consists of its own UNICODE engine which doesnt require require underlying operating system support. Although it is useful if you setup the underlying operating system support as you can rename the folders and do lot more.

  • Thamizha e-kalappai is available in three forms
    • Anjal layout this is the phonetic version. Widely used by the tamil all over the world. Which actually get's the key sequence in English and then convert it to appropriate tamil words.
    • Bamini layout is widely used in Sri Lanka which is actually based on old typewriter keyboard.
    • Tamil 99 keyboard is suggested by the Tamil Nadu government and has not yet been popular out side of India.
  • There is an online Phonetic one where you can type is available viaThamizha
    • Currently works verywell with firefox browser
  • There is another online Phonetic one where you can type is available via Indian Language Converter
    • Currently works verywell with IE.


MS IE, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla and variants and Opera all display Tamil by Default without any modification and input if above step is carried out.

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